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How Nairobi sex workers have upgraded client satisfaction


Commercial sex workers’ agents in Nairobi have now devised a new way of fully satisfying their clients demands by giving services according to their specifications.

An agent of the commercial sex workers who spoke to Ghetto Radio News on condition of anonymity says a client would come to them and give them a specific skin colour, height or physique of the sex worker they want for the day.

“The skinny sex workers are very expensive regardless of the colour. We even have the orias,” she said.

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“I have a client currently whose specifications am yet to satisfy. He wants a hippie, and well educated one and he has declined the photos that i have sent him so far,” he says.

She says some of the clients are very specific and even want to know the level of education of the sex worker they are going to go with.

She says upon receiving the requirements, she sends a photo and the credntials of the sex worker for approval by the client.

Clients demanding these specifics however pay more for the clients than others who do not demand specifics.