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How Octopizzo Celebrated His Birthday ~ At “Shagz”. (Pics)


octoEvery year, we celebrate our respective birthdays by throwing large sum budgeted birthday parties. The parties are often graced by our colleagues, close friends and spouses. Sometimes our favorite cousins or siblings are also part of the hyped-one-day event. A cake, “Mizingas, beers, punch ( a combination of kind of cheap hard liquor blended with fruits in buckets) ,Sheesha and cigars become the order of the day. Ooh, how could I forget Nyamachoma and some illegal smoking sticks???

We pride in the countless WhatsApp and Facebook birthday wishes that stream in. If you lucky enough to have a ‘loaded’ spouse or sponsor,then a huge surprise birthday gift awaits you. And by the way, I still don’t understand what happened to birthday cards. Analogue-ed i suppose.

The birthday is over and you wake up the next day with a hell-sent hangover, broke and a missed call from your mother….that’s now where guilt start crawling in for you don’t have money in your Mpesa to save their situation back in Ushago but you could afford to throw you and yourself a Kshs 10,000+ birthday.

Feeling guilty?? You should but Octopizzo is not. This guy is just some different being altogether.

Octo could throw an expensive party but he didn’t. Instead,the “Ivo Ivo” rapper took his siblings and daughter to visit their deceased parent’s grave to celebrate the birthday.

The rapper further advises that Birthdays shouldn’t be about us but to those who brought us up. Appreciate them for bring you up and all the sacrifices they made to get you this far.

Spent my Birthday with my Daughter,Brother & Sisters Celebrating our Parents,Birthdays should never be abt us but abt those who brought us to this world. I look at my Sisters & I see my Mum,I like at my Brother & I see my Dad,when I look at my Daughters & Sons I see Myself My Mum & My Dad in One room.
My Family keep me going every second & celebrating our Parents on my Birthday just made me thank God for my Siblings & Family.
RIP Samson & Millicent

This is a big time challenge. Respect to Octopizzo.

It is time we borrowed a leaf on how to celebrate our next birthdays. Maybe a shopping,some Kitenge leso for your mum and 4000/- for your dad. Can I get an Amen???……..

Check him out,brother so identical though;