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How Papa Dennis battled Pressure and Depression-Girlfriend speaks



Fallen gospel singer Dennis Mwangi alias Papa Dennis had been living on the low months before his death.

According the singer’s friends the singer’s lavish life had taken a massive landslide plunging him into sudden poverty.

It is alleged that he hit rock bottom after leaving the Maliza umaskini record label owned by business mogul Sadat Muhindi sometime in 2019.

According to fellow gospel artiste Daddy Owen, Dennis had battled depression for some time.

“This industry we are in can end up changing who you are because at some point, it pushes you to be who you are not. You start doing things to satisfy your fans. Papa started struggling after leaving Maliza Umaskini, which left him depressed. In most cases, we hear stories of people who were good before fame, but when they gained the stardom status, they became different people. What I know is that people are different. Some people cannot stand the pressure. Very few people can understand, handle and come out of the pressure strong.” said Owen

According to close sources, his girlfriend Martha Wanjer, a former actress,  had also called friends on several occasions on how the singer had been complaining of depression.

The actress also recently revealed that she spoke to the artiste on the fateful day.

“We talk every day and I communicated with Papa even in that fateful night and I remember him telling me he was seeing things and people wanting to kill him. He always came through in so many ways and wanted me to be great. Papa was a nice person and it is still haunting me that I did not give him the chance to open up to me on what was troubling him. I never took him seriously when he said we needed to meet.” she said

Upcoming artiste Red Pen who was Dennis’ former roommate also revealed that the singer could not even afford to buy food.

“I used to live with Papa Dennis in the same house. We Stayed in Komarock for about two years before I moved out, Papa Dennis was facing several problems. He had difficulties paying rent for the house he was living in with his twin brother. Every time he called me in recent times, he would ask for money to go buy food.” he said