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  • The Controversial Pastor cried in court accusing state for denying him food.
  • Experts describes the act as hypocrisy.

As it is believed embattled preacher Paul Mackenzie of Good News International Church intiatiated his followers to starve to death as away of being be righteous and on the right hand of God.
But the controversial pastor last week Friday shocked the world for going against his own teachings,doctrine and cult when he cried in Court accusing the Shimo la Tewa Prison for not giving him food,water.
The Controversial Pastor claimed that he has been tortured and not able to access his basic needs.Mackenzie pleaded with the court to release on account that him and his followers are not able to access food.Thus begging the question of what changed to his cult teachings including starving to death.
We sort answers from Dan Komia psychologist and religion expert, he describes Mackenzie demand for food in court as a reality test to controversial preacher.According to him Mackenzie was using church to lure and woodwink his vulnerable followers into cult sect just for other purpose not purely spiritual.
“Its is true definition of hypocrisy…he taught his followers to starve to death to see Jesus and now he is crying for food when jailed .. it’s a clear indicator that he conned, spiritually misled and betrayed his followers.He used their souls to other things.” He said in interview with Ghetto Radio News.
Some of his followers had accused Mackenzie for forcing them not eat.

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“Haikuwa rahisi kwetu wengi ambao wangejaribu kula hata walipigwa na vijana wake hatukulubaliwa kula ila maombi tu..pastor hakukubali tupate chochote kinywani kwa Sababu alisema maandiko ya Bibilia yasema ni lazima tujinyime Maisha ya Shakahola haikuwa rahisi tuliteseka kweli kweli.” Salma Madika one of his followers once said.

Spiritual Connection

Meanwhile Komia called on believers to be careful with their spiritual leaders and beware of anything that’s goes against religion doctrine.
“We must be careful with men of clothes …it is your right to choose which religion to belong to but we must not be used to achieve other things including losing of souls because of religion.” Said Komia.

Court Battles

Mackenzie, the leader of the Good News International Church, is facing serious crimes of murder, counselling and aiding persons to kill themselves, aiding suicide, abduction, radicalization, genocide, crimes against humanity, child cruelty, fraud and money laundering, complained of mistreatment in the hands of police.
The Shanzu court will determine next week if Mackenzie will have a temporary freedom or not.More than 100 people lost their lives in Shakahola forest.

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