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How Police Have Stepped Up Purge On Criminals in Ruaraka


Ruaraka residents in Nairobi have now applauded Ruaraka police station officers for a job well done in dealing with criminal elements in Kariadudu, Kasabuni, and Grogon areas.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News David Achola says that crime rate has drastically gone down ever since the old police officers were transferred and new ones deployed in the area.

“Most of us were being stabbed in broad daylight by with most of the thugs coming from Korogocho slums,” said Achola.

Achola says that the new police officers immediately marked the suspects and immediately ordered them to vacate the area.

He says those that have not transferred are given stern warnings and put on the police radar just in case they resume their criminal activities.

“We must thank them, they have issued several warnings to those gangs, some have been ordered to vacate Ruaraka. So far no one has been killed by police but a number have been arrested,” Otieno said.

Meanwhile Redeemed Gospel Church at the border of Kasabuni Glucola and Korogocho slums remain a hot spot for mugging activities.

“We are now urging the police to camp at the Redeemed church because the insecurity at that place is too much and something needs to be done urgently,” he added.