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How Prime Minister Shall Be Appointed According To BBI Report


The proposed Prime Minister in the BBI Report shall be an elected Member of the National Assembly.

This Prime Minister according to the report shall be nominated by the presidents and must be approved by the National Assembly.

This recommendation goes contrary to the rumours perpetrated by the political class that the Prime Minister shall be the first runners up in an election and will wield powers almost similar to that of the executive.

The Prime Minister according to the BBI Report shall control and supervise execution of day to day functions and affairs of the government.

The Prime Minister Shall also be leader of the government business in parliament and chair of Cabinet sub-committees.

If implemented the report shall also see the return of the Prime Minister’s time where MPs can pose questions directly to the premier and Cabinet Ministers.

The report however retained the president’s executive authority.

And just like it is in the current constitution, the presidents shall have garnered at least 50 percent plus one vote in the General Elections and at least 25 percent of total votes cast.