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In summary

  • Gaucho was spotted in Kamukunji donned in a jungle green coverall
  • Embakasi residents held prayers for Raila’s strength and safety

A number of Raila Odinga’s supporters on Sunday engaged in different activities on Sunday in preparation of the maandamano on Monday.

Activist Gaucho was spotted in Kamukunji market donned in a green coverall with a sufuria and a mwiko in hand.

The activist who wore a red berrett walked through Kamukunji market causing stares his way.

Gaucho unsuccessfully vied for the Landi mawe ward seat in an ODM ticket in 2022.

Gaucho at Kamukunji on Sunday

Elsewhere in Nairobi, a group of Raila’s supporters held prayers ahead of the mass action.

The group going by the name MDG claimed that they were mainly praying for Raila’s good health, strength and safety on Monday.

They promised to hold peaceful protests and march to State House to reclaim Raila’s victory.

“We are holding prayers today mainly because we want Raila to be safe, we want him to be strong tomorrow and above all, we want him alive at State House,” said one member.

“We will protest peacefully. We will not destroy anybody’s property so we are asking the police to also keep their end of the bargain tomorrow,” said another woman.

Raila on Saturday promised to march to Harambee House and petition the president.

Among the things the Azimio leader is hoping to achieve with the mass action is reduced cost of living.

Raila lost to President William Ruto in the 2022 elections.

He has since denied the outcome of the elections despite also losing at the Supreme Court.


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