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How Seven year old girls are giving sex in exchange for Ksh. 50

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A group of young girls from Mukuru slums have given shocking revelations of their involvement in commercial sex work in order to put food on the table.

The girls who are as young as seven years say they earn as little as 50 shillings for a whole night’s session which includes doing house chores like washing utensils and cleaning the house.

“We meet at the bus stop, then he takes me to his place. Most of these men are more than 30 years old. We have sex the whole night then he pays me 100 shillings in the morning, ” narrated one girl.

“I do not have a choice, because that is the money, we will use to buy food the next day,” she continued.

Another girl says during the day she helps her mother hawk groundnuts then at night she looks for sex clients.

Apparently in Mukuru slums, girls are not the only endangered people, young boys have also been forced to join crime to earn a living following the high rate of unemployment and poverty.

Chanuka, an non profit organization, has however tried to intervene by helping such children by enrolling them in Mukuru Primary School and Nilinde Organisation for vocational training.

The minors also go through counseling.





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