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How sex toys and teddy bears have replaced men

Women and vibrators

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By Elishifa Wangeshi

During Ghetto radio’s  morning  show  hosted by Majimaji and King Kafu the issue of women and vibrators came up and one of the host claimed he has no issue with women who carry vibrators (sex toys) .

On the same show different day, a lady openly confessed that she is not dating and instead has  very many teddy bears . So have sex toys and teddy bears replaced  men.

In June this year, the Kenya Revenue Authority seized and burnt a cache of sex toys that were destined to universities in Eldoret area.

I sought to find different views  of what people think about  ‘’women and sex toys’’

Person 1

‘’I think women carry these  sex toys when going out with fellow  women commonly referred to as  a Girls  night out  and is just part of them having fun ,though I do not think its okay for them to carry them everyday ‘’ kwa handbags zao ‘

Person 2

‘’Why would women opt to use these things and we as men are available, I think it’s absolutely  wrong  for this to be happening. Am actually urging the government to close down any sex  toy  business in the country.’’

Person 3

‘’Sex was meant to be between a male and female and once   women get so comfy with sex toys , It means they will not feel the need to have a man , since to them they are sexually satisfied and it  will also increase same sex  relationship’’

The number of women who commented on  this Issue said that they are afraid of heartbreaks and that’s why they have opted to go the sex toy way.

It’s actually a very debatable issue and a section will raise the issue of morality , a section also claim that the sex toy can never replace the man.

Feel free to drop your view on the use of sex toys ,since  it’s also a business that is slowly taking shape especially in our urban  towns.


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