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How sexually active Kibera teenagers are able to access free contraceptives, sanitary towels


An NGO in Kibera slums has come up with a programme to empower vulnerable girls aged between 15 and 19 years with essential needs like sanitary towels.

The programme which has been going on for two years now is giving girls cards known as T – Commerce Card that they can use to access stuff like sanitary towels, contraceptives, diapers and counselling.

Apart from sanitary towels the T-Card is helping sexually active girls get guidance and counseling from experts.

Daniel Orogo says for every counseling session a girl attends, she is awarded tokens or points on their T-Cards which they eventually use to access goods and services from T-Card approved shops.

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“The project is mainly targeting sexually active teenagers. You know some are 15 years and not active sexually. So when these sexually active teens come to us, we give them counselling on HIV, early pregnancy and then award them with points which they use to purchase stuff like sanitary towels, diapers for their babies and food stuff like sugar, unga and salt,” said Orogo.

Orogo says, for those who have children, they are further given points for mobilizing fellow girls to attend counseling sessions.

Terry Nduta a beneficiary of the project says the project has helped her get diapers and other food stuff for her baby and also help other sexually active girls get counseling.

The programme is set to be rolled out in Mathare and Rongai areas.