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How Social distancing is proving to be a challenge inside Staff Rooms


Just a few days after students reported back to schools following months at home due to the Global pandemic, teachers are facing an unforeseen challenge.

While students have been spaced out to adhere to the social distancing guidelines, teachers are yet to find a solution to social distancing inside staff rooms.

A spot check conducted by Ghetto Radio news at Ayany primary revealed just how much teachers have been affected by the set guidelines.

At the school’s staff room, teachers seats are joined together making it hard to space out or to move in order to give way.

Ayany primary school headmaster Jackson Ndambuki says this has forced them to move activities away from the staff rooms or limit the number of teachers at the staff room at a time.

While the staff room which doubles up at the teacher’s kitchen and dining area is big enough to accommodate all teachers at the same time, the sitting arrangement has made it such that teachers can only access it turns.

The biggest problem is the sitting arrangement because our staff room chairs are those joined ones. Unfortunately we have no money to buy new chairs. Normally if we have events we are forced to move them away from the staffroom. When there are people cooking their because it is also our kitchen it means we have to minimize the number of teachers in the staff room.” He said

Mr. Ndambuki also added that the utensils being used by teachers are shared and this poses a Corona Virus threat.

“There’s a small challenge with utensils. When it comes to teacher’s lunch, we share the utensils, they are thoroughly washed but still this poses a threat of infecting one another should one of us get the disease.” Added