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How To Keep Children From Societal Vices In The Long Holidays


Parents have been urged to be vigilant with their children during the long holidays to keep them away from society vices like drug abuse.

Kenya Tobacco Alliance Chairman Joel Gitali has advised parents to enroll their children in outdoor activities like sports in order to keep the busy.

“Apart from enrolling them into these activities, i would also like to request parents to also talk to the children in as much as they are also trying to keep them busy,” said Gitali.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News Gitali says many children tend to engage in vices like dug and alcohol abuse for keeping wrong peers and being idle.

“Some tobacco companies have also come with very weird products that are very harmful to children. But they do not care because they are out to make profits and nothing else,” he stated.

He says some children can also be enrolled in Tvet activities to enable them learn new incoming generating techniques as they wait for their national exam results.