The owner of Man’s Chamber Barbershop and Spa Mwende Frey has come out with a request to her fellow ladies asking them to treat their hubbies well on this long weekend.

Frey believes that ladies should be ready to pamper their men and giving them space to enjoy themselves in the company of their friends.

And to those who are always glued to their partner’s sides not allowing them to breathe, Frey has asked them to let their men be after ensuring that he and his group of friends have everything they need to make them comfortable.

Through her X account, Mwende offered free advice saying, “It’s a long weekend, buy your man his favourite drinks, barberque some meat, let him invite his friends, serve them food & drinks na ujitoe… You don’t have to stay there contributing to their chat, looking like a fool.”

Mwende’s post has since garnered lots of reactions.

Some netizens claim that this is the exact behavior they need in a woman, while some differed with her claiming that a woman will treat you this nice to clear her tracks so that she can go hook up with other men.

Spa that Strictly Attends to Men

Mwende runs a barbershop that strictly attends to men.

The Man’s Chamber and Spa also offers therapy and massage for men.

She believes women stress men and her shop is a solution to the stress.

Mwende Frey has gathered likes and dislikes, especially from women because of her men’s chamber barbershop and spa.

The man’s chamber is strictly for men and female clients are prohibited in the premises.

“Women, whether a spouse is not allowed in the barbershop because they will interfere with the processes. The client might be tensed and not leave a happier man.” Mwende revealed  in an interview on Ghetto Radio’s breakfast show.

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