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How UB40 concert proved that the Oldies can still dance the night away


U.K legendary reggae band UB40 was in the country over the weekend for their Real Labor of Love 40th Anniversary tour.

The gig which went down at carnivore grounds was mainly attended by a different crowd as opposed to what is normally witnessed when reggae artistes stage a performance in the country.

Unlike the common, weed-smoking young crowd witnessed during reggae concerts, UB40’s concert was attended by a large number of quadragenarian and quinquagenarian (40 and 50 year olds)

Unlike what was witnessed at Chris Martin’s concert at Impala grounds, UB40 concert was a relaxed environment that even had round tables and seats for guests.

The reggae gig which was also attended by the president had an easy going crowd that proved that indeed age is just a number.

The crowd mingled freely as they sang along to every hit pelted by the band and for those who were in the VVIP area, they even managed to take photos with the president and the former premier.

So does this mean that UB40 does not appeal to the younger crowds?

UB40 is a band that has managed to appeal to all generations and their hits have the ability to make you just want to sing along. Problem is, many youngsters just want a gig that allows them to mingle (amid puffs, Maybe) so for many, they would rather listen to the band on their playlists than to watch them live.

All in all, the Real Labor of Love concert gave a certain generation an opportunity to watch a reggae concert without the slightest worry and it indeed proved that music has no age group.