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How Vera Sidika’s dark skin publicity stunt is benefiting her



Socialite cum business woman and now singer Vera Sidika has been trending for the better part of the week after it emerged that she had darkened her skin.

She has been seen in several online posts looking rather dark and fans started questioning whether she had ditched her light skin.

At some point Vera was forced to explain that it is possible to darken your skin and even went on to share posts of whites who had decided to darken their skin.

Turns out Vera knows how to get the attention of many and of course pull a crowd.

The socialite released her second song dubbed ‘Mimi’ on Thursday and the video clearly shows the song was short before she went ‘dark’

The song talks about her decision to change her skin tone and how she is still the same Vera regardless of her skin color.

The song is already at ninety thousand views on Youtube barely 24 hours after it’s release.

This is Vera’s second song after she debuted her music career with ‘Nalia’ in 2018 after parting ways with ex boyfriend Otile Brown.

Check out the song below: