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How Youths Transformed Bridge from Crime Hot Spot To Recreational Park

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Redeemed Bridge that connects Kasabuni and Korogocho slums has now become a crime free area after reformed criminal gangs saw it good to turn the area into a recreational park.

In our tour of the area people can be seen walking freely without panic and it has now become a busy path way connecting the residents.

Before this turn around, at least two people were killed every month at the bridge with mugging raping being the order of the day.

Tony Atondi a reformist and head of the group says the recreational activities at the bridge has transformed many youths who now have something to engage in.


According to Atondi they have formed Hatua Youth group to help engage partners and for routine clean up.

“Members of Hatua group are drawn from Kasabuni, Grogon, Lucky Summer, Korogocho and some Kariadudu mainly reformist and our duty is to secure this place as we transform it from crime scene to a better place…what we have so far is  tree planting, flowering, soft grass and  landscaping,” Atondi said.

“We also have a special team that makes sure that no one is attacked at the bridge because as we speak, the bridge is very secure… some of us used it as a shield and hideout but we no longer do that because crime does not pay,” he added.

David Achola a village elder has attested to this saying the bridge is no longer a crime hot spot.

“They transformed the place… From the 1990s many have lost their lives in this bridge and  I think they should be given support,” Achola said.

They have now asked county government and well-wishers to help them maintain the recreational park as well as giving out jobs to the reformists.

“For now we have been using few cleaning equipment from the ward office as we move forward we would like to call on well wishers to support us get jobs.




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