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How Huddah Disassembling a Gun Loaded With Bullets Generated An Online Uproar. (Video) Inbox x


unnamed‘Girls play with the “big boys toy too”, seems to be the message local socialite now turned business woman- Huddah Monroe was sending to her Instagram followers when she flaunted a fully loaded gun.

The petite and witty lass MIGHT  have acquired herself a licensed weapon from the look of things barely two months after launching her seemingly successful lipstick line.

In a video she posted on her Instagram account, Huddah is seen disassembling the pistol like a real gangster with Coolio’s “Gangsters Paradise” 90’s jam playing at the background.

The video scared quite a number of her fans whilst other concerned ones warned her of risking arrest or revocation of the the firearm’s licence due to public mishandling. Comments below cite Huddah responding to a fan, @kev_gatere “Let them Come for it LOOL….stop taking life too seriously,you risk getting  heart attack,” writes Huddah.

Check out why you shouldn’t mess around with Huddah, she handles the pistol like a real thug…..real gangster!