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Huddah Finally Explains Why She Increased Her Boobs, She Regrets Thou. (Pics)


orIf you are an ardent fan of petite socialite Huddah Monroe, you will definitely agree with me that the lass is trying to clear “the bad” reputation that got her all the fame and maybe her wealth in the recent past.

Huddah and Vera have been the talk of the town for the past few years thanks to their shamelessly leaked nudies, feuds and more for what many think they do- dishing out their flesh to old and wealthy men to buy that expensive lifestyle they lavishly live. It is then that the term “sponsor” was coined to refer to any potential man willingly ready to buy “expensive” sex.

However, as it has turned out Huddah has turned to a motivational speaker urging young girls to concentrate on their education and not this “sponsorship” madness. In her words,Huddah said that Sponsors and Sugar Mummies do not exist and that Education and hard work is the key to achieve success. Well, look who is talking.

A day later, Huddah is now regretting having undergone the knife to increase her boobs to please the public who repeatedly ridiculed her for having small tits.

Huddah seemingly wants us to buy the notion that she has changed and want to win those corporates endorsements. Notably, being a brand ambassador of several Mega company, Huddah’s nude and semi nude photos have significantly disappeared and replaced by some decent ones.

Huddah admits succumbing to public pressure to have boobs augmentation to be accepted and look more sexy in the post below;

“This is when I didn’t have tits, I succumbed to the pressure of society because I was under depression due to the videos of me in Big brother shower hour.

Soooo I ended up getting fat transfer by reducing my butt to get fuller boobs ……………………………….I wouldn’t tell anyone to do the same! It’s still natural coz it’s my own fat , NO silicone but I will never advice anyone to go under the knife coz of what people think about their bodies , never make irrational decisions ,wait until you are mature enough.

I was naive , young and stupid at that time . Love yourself! Experience is the best teacher! Learn some of these things from me…….. #Throwback, “ she wrote on her IG page.

Well, that said, check out photos of Huddah before and after the boob job;

Before (photos)

fake fake1

After getting the fake tities.( Pics)

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