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Huddah is Dating A Young Man She Was Captured Kissing …His Face Thou (Pics)


hud4The entertainment industry is a lucrative one and therefore anyone in it got to have strategy on how to survive through its competitiveness. Take for Example Bahati’s saga when he sat on President Uhuru’s seat last Saturday. So you think the Gospel kid didn’t know the repercussions the action might reap?? He knew, but the fact both good and bad publicity is ALL GOOD PUBLICITY……he dared to. Everyone is talking about Bahati and how daring he was before self proclaiming himself “The Shortest Serving President”. Now my friend,those are called Ratings.

And who else knows how to hustle ratings more than petite socialite and former BBA representative one Huddah Monroe??? Well, she should be awarded for that.

Let me break it down for you. Huddah and Zari are currently beefing after the latter claimed that Huddah had slept with Diamond platnumz behind her back. She went ahead to post a photo captioned;

“Watu na Bae Zetu….Nyaku Nyakus cant post on their own…,”

HOLD ON Zari, ati who Cant post their own???? So to prove Zari wrong , Huddah posted her Bae…(strategy)- there is nothing like she is dating that guy. Huddah would go any mile to win, and so she hired this guy and a cameraman and started acting like there is love in the air between the guy and herself before taking to Instagram to flaunt her new found Love.

Well, if she is really dating this guy,why then would she hide his face all through?? Am yet to see how Zari will respond to this one.

Meanwhile, check out Huddah’s FAKE lovey dovey moments and captions she wants us to buy;

hud hud1 hud3