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Huddah Monroe Apologises To Vera Sidika


huddah aidsHuddah Monroe the Boss Lady is quiet another socialite who cant at times zip her mouth.
About a week ago she got involved in a Snapchat “fight” with Vera Sidika another bootylicious salivating for Nigerian men and Huddas sentiments on HIV did not go well with Kenyans. She told Vera to get tested for HIV.
In regards to stigmatization that we Kenyans are trying to fight with every single chance we have, Huddah seemed to drag us back, but now she has seen the “light” on the other side of the tunnel and decided to show it on her social media.
The Boss Lady said, I really want to APOLOGIZE to you my Bosses and kindly allow me to explain myself about my snap chat the other day on HIV/AIDS. I really hope you find it In your hearts to forgive me if anything I said was misunderstood . You all know im like I’m the first Public Figure every morning of WORLD/AIDS day in Kenya who shares her results and urges the youth to go get tested .I always create awareness , letting people know it’s always good to know about their status and that they shouldn’t be scared. I have never been a DISCRIMINATIVE person. If you are healthy it doesn’t mean you are special . GOD gives and God takes . And as long as you are SEXUALLY active you are bound to contract HIV . Condoms burst . So someone somewhere shouldn’t make themselves look GOOD by putting words into my mouth and Making me look like i am inhuman . The only reason I said people should get tested instead of insulting others for being skinny is because It hurts when people think every skinny person or petite person is suffering from something . The anger of that made me mad and that’s why I said people should go get tested Coz Theres rumors of them out here . The youth and the elderly need to know Being fat doesn’t mean you are healthy and being skinny doesn’t mean you are sick . Calling others skinny is discriminating too .People should go out and get their health Checked before calling others names. If you find out you are negative , live carefully and if you find out you are positive it’s not the end of the world . People live for over 20years and more and look healthier than most of us.” HIV /AIDS is manageable for years and NO ONE has the right to DISCRIMINATE!

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