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Huddah Monroe arrested, spends hours at Gigiri Police station

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Socialite turned business woman Huddah Monroe was forced to cool off her heels at the Gigiri police station after she was arrested over the weekend.

The socialite who celebrated her birthday on Saturday, found herself on the cold floors of a cell after she was nabbed for drunk driving.

Through a post on her Instagram account the petite lass at first said that the cops arrested her because she talked back at them.

“At the police station at 4am lol just coz I told the cops I don’t know them…they might be bandits. They are the real bandits anyways. And them niggaz read all my posts.” She wrote

She later revealed that it was her fault and she was forced to sober up at the station.

“My birthday was filled with love. People I’ve known for years, my lovers and two fans I invited. Them after party was at Gigiri police station for drunk driving. Shame on me Endangering my life and others. Thanks to the cops for doing their work. I stayed at the cop station with other drunkards vibing until we sobered up. Then we drove home. The real parte after parte.” She added

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