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Huddah Monroe attacks Zari Hassan In cryptic post


Controversial Socialite Huddah Monroe has attacked her former BFF Zari Hassan in a cryptic post.

The lass put up a post directed at women who spoil themselves then credit their men on social media and netizens believe she was addressing her former friend.

Huddah advised women to be proud of themselves and not feel ashamed of what they do.

“like seriously why give the dude credit? I see some buy themselves flowers and say thank you to an imaginary man. Be proud of your earnings .There’s nothing wrong with being independent! You don’t need to feel loved pr cared for! A man should be a bonus!” she said

Huddah who seemingly had enough time on her hands further went on to mock women who have undergone butt enlargements.

“Ya’ll spend $5,000 on a new ass and turn around and sell it for $40” fired the vocal socialite