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Huddah Monroe bashed after weighing in on Protests in Nigeria


Socialite Huddah Monroe is being bashed online after voicing her thoughts on the current protests in Nigeria.

In a post on her Insta stories, Huddah said she supports the protesters and calls to disband the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) in Nigeria.

“People wonder how she is supporting countries she is not from. It’s the courage to come out and fight that I admire. I would do that for my country! But people will never come out. If you try calling out the bad they criticize you. Let me peacefully support those who crave for change.” She wrote

Her post however triggered the wrath of netizens who called her out for being a hypocrite.

Online detectives immediately brought back one of her posts from 2017 when she said those who die in protest in Kenya are not worthy of a proper burial.

“Personally, I think nobody should mourn the deaths of anyone who dies at a demonstration. The families should not even bury them, they should let their bodies get eaten by dogs,” she wrote at the time

After the backlash, the socialite shared another post urging Kenyans to stay home because it is not yet time to call for change.

“Plot, plan, strategize, mobilize effectively then execute with all your might. Hard to beat these old men without a solid plan. Learn their game then beat them at it. You can’t copy failed blue prints like the BLM and succeed in police brutality riots or political war. Live or die another day Africa is a jungle. In the jungle, there’s only jungle justice. No negotiations. Stay home. It’s not yet time.’ She said