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Huddah Monroe goes ham on KRA officials harassing her

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Socialite and business woman Huddah Monroe has called out KRA officials who have been harassing her business.

According to Huddah, a team of young KRA officials have been demanding her to present non-existent documents for her businesses to continue.

She also revealed that they have been demanding bribes from her vowing to not give in.

“Few young officials like harassing people, business and companies. They ask for documents that them themselves know nothing about. I will never in my entire life bribe. I play by the book because I’m not a criminal! I’m not selling drugs. You ask for non-existent documents, after submitting you claim to have lost them, then we drop them again like we have no lives; just want y’all young boys and girls at KRA to know I am cut from a different cloth and bribe is not in my vocabulary”  she said

The socialite then unleashed her wrath at the officials saying they need to be beaten up and expelled from the country.

She maintained that she is not going to bribe the officials so that her businesses run smoothly.

“Yall been playing with people for too long. Some of you need to be exposed, seriously beaten up and expelled from Kenya for giving people who are trying to improve the country’s economy a hard time no valid claims. I tell everyone before you start a business make sure you know all the rules and regulations. And most importantly pay your taxes. And make sure you don’t mess with anything concerning the Government. So you think I’m the one to give advice and not follow through. I like to do things the right was coz it gives me peace of mind. And I’m not a coward coz I’m a law abiding citizen” she added


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