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Huddah Monroe mocks Tanasha Donna

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Socialite Huddah Monroe has mocked artiste Tanasha Donna for celebrating her 3 Million followers on Instagram.

Huddah has thrown shade at Tanasha further asking her what her bank balance was.

Tanasha had posted, “Thank you for 3M!!! Love you guys so much.”

According to Huddah, people had stopped celebrating the number of followers.

“Lol! So funny how in 2021 people still fight for who is most followed in Kenya/Africa. Or has the most like Lol! But what’s your BANK BALANCE? Darliiiiiiiingggg??? In this side of town, we EVOLVED!” said Huddah.

According to Huddah, even companies know that followers do not mean buyers most of the time.

“Even companies know followers don’t mean buyers 90% of the time esp in Africa coz most people follow for gossip and lurking. Otherwise we would have small businesses going to the moon outchea!” she stated.


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