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Huddah Monroe now drooling over 18 year old boys

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Socialite and business woman Huddah Monroe is now drooling over 18 year old boys.

According to a confession on her Instagram account, the socialite says she has not been intimate in two months and is issuing a cry for help.

“Haven’t had my conjugal rights in 2 months. Practicing self-control in this sinful world.18 year old boys looking like snacks, I want to eat them all. So if you see me rant as you all call it, instead of speaking one’s mind. Understand it’s a cry for help. LMFAO! F*ck that shit. I stay speaking my mind forever, I don’t care” she wrote

The incidence comes just a few months after the socialite was blasted by parent on an 18 year old whose DM she slid in.

According to the socialite she did not know the boy was only 18 when she hit his DM telling him how yummy he looks.

She says she soon got a response from the boy’s parents who she says are super rich telling her to keep off their son.

“Saw a fine boy on IG, I don’t DM men, but I DM’d him like ‘You so yummy’ not knowing he is only 18. I got a DM from his dad and his mom who are big-time celebrities telling me to stop being a “COUGAR” she said at the time


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