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Huddah Monroe set to drop a new fashion line (Photos)


Socialite Huddah Monore has revealed that she will be making an entry into the shoe designers empire soon.

The socialite is set to drop a shoe line along with the expansion of her Clothing dubbed Huddah Clothing.

On Monday, Huddah gave her fans a sneak peek into her upcoming shoe line but said it was still in the works.

She shared a few samples saying she does not like them and that they need to be redone to ensue more comfort to her targeted clients.

“First Sample, I hate them, soo uncomfortable, the pink Bottom is not the colour of what I asked for. Urgh! We move…I will keep trying …I love comfort. Ps. My shoes must be comfortable ‘nothing as bad as painful show! I hate sore feet’ they must be classy, queen shit Chic and Trendy. So it might take some time before I launch ladies. But enjoy my other products on the meantime” announced Huddah.

The lass also promised to work on shoes for all sizes saying that her fans had asked her to look into size variations.

“Most of you want big shoe sizes. Never heard a woman with size 42 in shoes. And I am not being sarcastic. But that’s a good challenge. I will try all sizes in. save your coins’ sis. O am coming for it. Wenye wivu wajonyonge” Huddah said