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Huddah Savagely Embarrasses Zari On Social Media.


huddahForget about Huddah’s consistent fights with local and expected nemesis-Vera Sidika. Our Huddah just crossed the boda and is on Zari’s neck.

Wait, were the two not best of friends just the other day?

Relax….with women, rich or poor, famous or not … happens.

So apparently , social media is having a free “Ni Kama Vindio ni Kama Ndrama” sort of show between Zari and Huddah.

Well, i swear am tough but Huddah is the last person i’d want to beef with. This chimama is so good and savaging that anyone who launches a fight with her always ends up in shame and utmost embarrasment and regret why they provoked her in the first place.

Well, Zari is having it tough after Huddah called her a GRANDMA.
The Drama started way sometime back when Mama Tiffah allegedly claimed that Huddah had slept with Diamond Platnumz behind Zari’s back.

So Zari threw the first jab…indirectly attacking Huddah for sleeping with Diamond privately when he cant claim her in public…smh.(shaking my head).Did she???

As expected, Huddah responded. I mean as EXPECTED. And the Response wasn’t any close to polite.

Well, according to Huddah, Zari is a broke cougar (the age of Huddah’s mum), who is now dating young boys (Diamond Platnumz), for money and fame since her (Zari) mid-life crisis (35 years old) is affecting her immensely.


So what next? Check out, maybe you can predict better than i would.

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