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  • Onamis Huku Yues you tube channel is no more
  • According to  reports the vlogger filmed gays and lesbian club in an ethical manner

Kenyan American and Content creator Ibrahim Onami’s Huku Yues channel has pulled down.

According to  reports the vlogger filmed gays and lesbians in a club in an ethical manner.Onami who is also nurse has been telling American stories majorly how to survive as an immigrant.He is based in Minnesota United States.

Onami apologized to his fans and later created another channel Rise Media Kenya to continue posting his contents.

“Watu wangu wa tik tok nyinyi na mlinichocha nikawafanyia vida ya mashoga sana sana huyo Canadian mwenye nilifilm imeleta shida sana account imeenda,” Onami said.

He has now created another channel Rise Media Kenya to tap his fans.

‘Huku Yues’ shows the other side of America that is not portrayed often in media and social media.

In his short his video contents, he takes his fans through the cheapest shops to buy, the vibrant party life, vehicles, food, and other luxuries. He shows how things are including items on loan and second-hand goodies, where you can pick freebies.

He used to love the comedian’s podcasts and YouTube shows.

To upscale business-wise, Ibrahim registered ‘Huku Yues’ as an advertisement and marketing outfit, which will enable him to do business with individuals and companies in the US and Kenya.

Fans Reactions

“We Love his content but of course he must respect t8a rule of law and peoples’ right.The LGBTQ community deserve better treatment. But he ha can still work something out to have his channel back.” Rose Billy.

“Onami has been good and the channel was helpful to us those with American dream.The authority should find away of solving the whatever issue that is there.As fans we just want him back.” Dan Mweke

Ibrahim has done well so far and if there is something that can be done then that should happen as first as possible so that he goes back to his work.

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