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•The Mugithi star and cop is captured in a video donning a suit, skillfully mending shoes at a cobbler’s station
•Samidoh reveals that he once eked a living as a cobbler
•Fans drool over Samidoh’s humbleness

Did you know that, addressing a shoe maker as a cobbler is seen as a biggest insult? That single mistake would earn one a jab on the eye or a headbutt, you name it. shoemakers are skilled artisans who come up with the shoe right from the design to the finished product whereas a cobbler’s task is to simply mend or repair what was original.

This tells you more why cobbler’s are despised and seen as lowly individuals.

However, popular Mugithi singer and cop,Samidoh exhibited outflowing humbleness when he easily identified himself as a cobbler.

Taking to his Instagram, Samidoh appeared in a video dressed in suit, smiling from ear to ear while mending shoes at a cobbler’s work station.

The way he was easily piercing leather using the awl and wounding the thread showed Samidoh’s expertise. He went further and revealed that, he once eked a living as a cobbler terming himself a jack of many trades.

“Passed by town center nikaamua kujikumbusha kazi yangu ya zamani 😜
A jerk of many trades!💪” He wrote

In past interview’s, Samidoh has never shied away from stating how he had to overcome hurdle after hurdle in his quest for stardom. From tilling neighbors farms to grazing cattle for a fee, Samidoh has seen it all.

Many of us always want ‘the glory’ but are not prepared for the ‘story’ that gets one there.

This reminds me a while back when i listened to Ghetto Radio Boss,Julius Owino popularly known as Majimaji giving nuggets of wisdom to a youth group terming their temporary job’s as ‘Transit careers’, the activities one undertakes while not loosing focus on the price.

Fans Drool Over Samidoh

In the video, several voices can be heard mesmerized by Samidoh’s utter act. A leading voice notably the ‘real cobbler ‘ can also be heard jokingly stating that Samidoh would give them a run for their money.

“Hii fundi ya viatu itatunyang’anya customers hapa yote…hii wasichana yote ikikuja wapi samidoh ndio anashona vizuri” States the ‘real cobbler’

“Si unaona “Quips Samidoh

“Aah unajua” replies the cobbler.

On the commentary section, Samidoh’s humbleness could not go unnoticed as praises kept on flowing.

“This guy is kind and charming, his laugh, the eyes, so humble, God’s blessings Sammy, you have a lot that people can’t see” fired one fan

“😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥Huwezi lala njaa hii town” shot a second fan.

Would you go back even for a day to work at your ‘old job’, the one that was menial? Leave a comment.

check out the video;

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