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Hundreds Of Kenyans Turn Up At Uhuru Park For Saudi Recruitment Despite Torture Stories

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Hundreds of Kenyans today turned up at Uhuru Park for drivers’ job recruitment exercise for vacancies in Saudi Arabia.

This is despite the ongoing conversation of torture and inhumane treatment meted on Kenyans in Saudi Arabia.

John Shikoli who turned up for recruitment stated that it was better for him going to Saudi Arabia other than staying jobless in Kenya regardless of the sad stories.

Shikoli further says that he hopes to be safe since his sister and brother went to Saudi Arabia and came back fine.

“I have heard and seen the stories but those who have fallen victims of the circumstances went to achieve their own goals despite the main reason that took them there. Those cases will never miss in the Middle East countries but all you do is pray to God and due to the problems we face as Kenyans it is better to go and work there in order to feed our families,” said Shikoli.

“This recruitment is free but one has to cater for his own medical and passport fee. The fare to the work place and accommodation is being catered for by the company. The salary is good and one is being paid depending on the type of vehicle he is given to drive and it starts from 38 thousand shillings,” he added.


Talent Quest recruiting agent (LEFT) talking to one of the hundreds of Kenyans who turned up for the Gulf jobs recruitment exercise PHOTO/COURTESY

Talent quest, a top recruitment agency in Africa with connections in Saudi Arabia offered 1,000 slots to young men who are willing to work in Saudi Arabia.

David Njoroge of Talent Quest stated that the process of recruitment is legitimate and that 99 percent of Kenyans working abroad are very safe and sending money back home

He has urged people to stop the umbrella condemnation of Saudi Arabia workers and that those suffering are the ones who have turned rogue.

“Once you go there you have to work in your employers’ house and if you start doing other things that is where you get mistreated. Also research shows that most ladies die while trying to do illegal abortion,” said Njoroge.



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