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Hundreds of students have been turned away at the University of Eldoret after showing up dressed in clothes that violated the university’s new dressing code.

Heavy built officers stationed at the gate turned away both female and male students who were dressed in sleeveless shirts, short dresses and ripped jeans.

Those who wore turbans on their dreadlocks were not spared either.

Some students were caught off guard by the officers manning the gate said they did not know that the new rules were going to be effected immediately.

“They had not told us that they will be turning us away from the university because of the dress code,” said one student.

Some students claimed that it was wrong for the school to turn them away since they did not have the money to buy new clothes.

“We came from home to attend classes. When we got to the gate, we were sent back because we did not have the appropriate attire,” said one student.

Some students however showed up in the correct dress code and were allowed in the school.

“Someone said you dress to be addressed. If I need to be addressed well in the society, I need to dress well,” said another students.

The University last week on Friday issued a new dress code that required the students not to show up in miniskirts, tumbo cuts, sleeveless tops, ripped jeans and dreadlocks.

The communication came just a few weeks after the Kenya Methodist University had banned the same.


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