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Tuskys Supermarket On Its Deathbed  As Sacked Employees Stage Demos Over Unpaid salaries


Tuskys supermarket  one of the largest chain retailer in the country continues to experience difficulties in its operations forcing it to lay off staff members unprocederally without  three months payment and other benefits.

Some branches have completely shut down with stocks auctioned  after the management failed to pay rents.

Today  sacked Tuskys employees staged demonstrations at the the Nairobi Central Businness District demanding their payments.

According to their chairman  Olenaborn Wycliffe, Tuskys has been struglling in paying them as from last Year even before Covid 19 was reported in the country and at some point they reduced workers’ salaries.

‘‘Tuskys  problem was not brought by Covid-19, it started last year, they chopped off our salaries saying the company was incuring losses, now we are in fourth month without salary and with dissmisal letters,’’ he said.

Our spot-check at Tusykys outlet  Tom Mboya branch Nairobi  revealed empty shelve as well as reduced custormers and attendants.

Food shelve are hghly affected with the retail chain running out of stocks completely in some sections.

Tuskys had reported debts of KShs884.3m ,which it then revised downwards in early June, before Competition Authority of Kenya  independently found it had under-reported the debt burden by KShs1.2bn. It is now under a regulator-mandated payment plan, as well as a weekly government review process.