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  • Hungry T.I.D grabs Chidi Benz’s cash.
  • Chidi Benz had made a guest appearance at T.I.D’s show when fans showered him with money leaving T.I.D hopeless.
  • Both Chidi Benz and T.I.D are regarded as icons in the history of bongo flava music.

A hungry T.ID tried to grab Chidi Benz’s cash that had come from a fan. However, Chidi’s firm grip saw the Zeze singer step back shamefully.

In a series of videos shared on his Instagram, Chidi Benz is captured killing a show.

One of the video captures Chidi singing his classical hit, Bongo Flava a collaborative piece with Mzee Yusuph as the audience goes nuts.

Jubilant revelers are also captured recording the moment on their smartphones as they sing along with him.

“Mara mingi najiuliza una uzuri wa namna gani na nashindwa pata jibu uuh ukiwepo wee ndo chanzo kunipoza nafsi yangu ninapo pata majaribu uuh nakwamini” They sing in unison.

It’s then that one fan steps forward to Chidi and starts showering him with cash.

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Within no minute, T.I.D who was on the other side of the stage emerges trying to grab what was meant for Chidi.

T.I.D even tries to shove Chidi aside reaching the latter’s hand grasping the cash.

However, Chidi’s stern glare stopped poor T.I.D in his tracks as he swiftly stepped back.

Even though Chidi was making a guest appearance, it seemed as his night with the continued “money rain” from fans.

T.I.D in a past media interview PHOTO Courtesy


Fans Reactions

Following the unfortunate incident from T.I.D netizens are continuing to call him out for the unbecoming behavior.

Many have since termed him hungry and ungrateful. However, Chidi’s magic has come to play from epic performance.

There were others who also commended the love shared by the two legendary musicians.

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We sampled a few of the comments.

“T.I.D njaa kweli”

“T.I.D kazingua kichizi yaani”

“Mbona T.I.D ana njaa ivoo”

“Naona T.I.D anataka kuchukua mkwanja ukamkazia”

“T.I.D njaa kinoma”

Both T.I.D and Chidi Benz are regarded as icons in the history of bongo flava music.

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