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Huruma, Kiamaiko, Kariobangi Residents Stranded After Matatus Hike Bus Fares

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Huruma, Kiamaiko Kariobangi residents stranded at Bus Stop following hiked fares

Commuters from Huruma, Kiamaiko and Kariobangi were this morning stranded after matatus plying that route hiked bus fares from the normal 40 shillings to 60 shillings.

The commuters were stuck at Jonsaga stage-near Huruma Police Station for about two hours following the hiked fares to town.

Bus fare tags in matatu plying that route indicate 40 shillings as the highest fare tagged during peak hours.

Residents who spoke to Ghetto Radio complained about getting to their places  work late due to the delay.

They lamented that the delay might lead to conflicts with their employers.






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