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Huruma Residents treated to free cancer screening

Huruma Residents treated to free cancer screening


Huruma residents and it’s environs were a happy lot on Saturday the 24th  of August  2019 after  getting  a rare chance to get free cancer screening spiced  with entertainment at Huruma  Primary School. The cancers screened were prostate cancer for men, breast and  cervical cancer for women.

With the thirst   to know their status’, residents  turned out in numbers  from as early as 6:00 am  awaiting  the medical personnel. On stage  entertainment was immense  with the likes of Nazizi, Mr. Seed,  Ekko Dydda gracing the occasion in support of the noble course.  Apart from just screening,  emphasis was also put on sensitization of masses on self examination with medics  feeding  all that were screened with  information on cancer.

What really caught the eye of many was the turn out especially by the males. According  to Mr Hiram Kariuki Mugweru;an oncology nurse from Mama Lucy Kibaki  Hospital,  this was the first screening he has been part of that has registered a higher turnout by men.

“I’ve been part many cancer screenings across Kenya  but this one has impressed a lot because of the  males turn out  which signals  a positive impact especially on sensitization.” Said the  medic

The event  dubbed Colour Purple Concert Mashinani was organized by Fab & Roll in conjunction with Ghetto Radio and  The MajiMaji Trust. Medical personnel were provided by HCG CCK cancer center.