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“My Husband Talked Me Into A Stripping Job”

Woman admits husband convinced her into a stripping job!

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By Wyclif Musau (Kapedo Junee)

‘Christina’ said she was shocked by her husband’s suggestion at first

What’s it really like to strip off your clothes off for money? One woman admitted that her partner’s shock suggestion caused arguments at first.

Christina (not her real name), who is a qualified teacher, but has been working in several strip clubs for a number of years for extra money.

“Actually we (my husband and I) kind of fell out about it- said Christina.

“I had a full-time job at that point, we got married and got a mortgage and everything and he said, because one of my friends used to do this, he said ‘why don’t you try it?’

“And I was like ‘…you what?!’”

It has been reported that Christina, who works at the X in the City club in Liverpool, said: “I tried it and there’s nothing wrong with it. There’s no contact here and the club look after you.”

X-In-The-City Bar In Liverpool

It’s of no doubt that many men might feel uncomfortable knowing their wife makes money by stripping off her clothes for strangers, Christina said her husband was completely un-phased by her over night work.

“It’s long shifts and your partners don’t know where you are until five in the morning.”

She added-  “I don’t tell my family and friends because I think they will judge me. They don’t know what I do. I know what I do exactly but they think lap dancing is dirty.

“It’s not the most prestigious job but I don’t tell them. I think they’ll be disappointed in a way because of what they gave me, and I’ve got a degree and a good job and I do this as well.”

Lucy (not her real name) has also kept her job a secret from family and friends, having worked at the club for 4 years to fund her University degree.


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