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HusseinIn the continent of Africa, people who have moved mountains and made an impact worth mentioning in football can be counted on the fingers of one hand, literally.

More often than not, some come disguised as football administrators only to morph into politicians.

In Nigeria for instance Chief Moshood Abiola did very well to give hope to aspiring footballers coming through the ranks as he continued to play national politics on the chess board.

Al Hajji Iwuanyanwu went further and sponsored a professional team – Iwuanyanwu Nationale – that went on to play in continental competitions.

Closer home in the DRC, Moise Katumbi is the president of Africa’s top side Tout Puissant Mazembe, aptly nicknamed the ‘Real Madrid’ of Africa.

In Kenya, one man has gone a notch higher.Instead of promoting a single team, he has tirelessly run a grassroots league that has given hitherto fading hopes to youth.
That man is Hussein Mohammed of Extreme Sports Limited.


Hussein Mohammed, one of Kenya’s top 40 under 40, loves football with unbridled passion.

Going by his undertakings, he means well for football in this country and for the many youths and young coaches trying to carve a niche for themselves in the game’s circles.

Many would have expected him to slow down following the 2011 football elections which a sizeable number believe he was robbed, but true to his word, he has continued to champion for the development of the sport from a lower level, where neglect reigns supreme.

Every time football stagnates here, the nation is quick to rush back to the proverbial drawing board and sing the favorite song of youth, but nobody appears to take the initiative more than Hussein.

Youth programs at national level remain ignominiously on paper blueprints, with very few administrators, if any, willing to push forward the agenda to fruition.

Courtesy of this man, after more than a decade slugging it out with all the high hurdles placed in his path, his brainchild the Super 8 Tourney has become a fully-fledged league at the grassroots.

To demonstrate his desire and ability, he has worked to rope in sponsors, majorly bet firm Sportpesa into the Super 8 league, as financial partners going forward. Ironically, the national office has found it sticky trying to find development partners.

Whether it’s a question of accountability or lack of confidence in certain questions remains a matter of thorny speculation.

And as proof that the game can only improve with good modern coaching methods, Hussein and Extreme Sports Limited have organized an elite training camp in Kenya that is currently underway in Nairobi.

In his words “the camp is just the first step in ensuring we build our football training capacity for future generations.

The skills transfer initiative is truly invaluable”, better days lie ahead.


Kenyan and African football craves for such selfless administrators and friends of the game going forward. It is such sons of the nation that keep the flame alive and give hope and aspiration to the sport.

For his role in minding the youth and coaches of this country, Hussein Mohammed stands out as a true patriot and exponent of the game.
Kenya holds up a candle to him.


The World over instrumental people in different spheres have been recognised at national level for their commitment but sometimes you have the hard question with such a distinguished service for the growth of football in Kenya hasn’t anyone at awards such as Soya or even the government seen it fit to reward and honour Hussein Mohammed for his dedication and commitment?

How comes people who have not done much receive the same accolades or do we only chose to assume?

The involvement of Hussein Mohammed as an administrator, promoter, educator and motivator to many youths across the country warrants such an honour for the reason of his devotion and dedication as he has been the heading.

Hussein Mohammed is sport’s latest identity and deserves accolades with deserved national recognition


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