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“Huyo ni who? ” Pritty Vishy On Dating Madini Classic


Content creator and social media sensation Pritty Vishy has revealed her new relationship status after interacting with her fans on a Q&A session on Instagram.

Pritty  opened up on her relationship status to fans who had asked her where her ‘babe’ was.

She replied to a follower who posed the question by asking “Babe?” and later added that she was single again until further notice.

“Babe mgani? Aaah, I am ‘S’ for single, please. Until further notice,” she wrote.

The question of the whereabouts of her lover Madini were repeatedly asked by other followers wanting to know whether they had indeed been in a relationship as claimed.

A follower asked, “Are you dating Madini?” to which Pritty denied insisting that she is currently not seeing anyone.

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“Huyo ni who? Weeeeh! Niko single like no one’s business,” she added.

Another follower asked her whether she is married and she responded saying that marriage is something she does not desire.

“I was married a long time ago but I’m divorced right now. I don’t want that sh*t. Being submissive is the last thing joh,” she said.

This comes two months after the two had made their relationship public with Vishy claiming that she had found love again in the artist and netizens were not convinced with their relationship claiming that they were working on a song or chasing clout.

By Stella Anyango


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