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“I am no politician,” Khaligraph Jones Responds To Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi


Kenyan rapper Khaligraph jones has responded to blogger Cyprian Nyakundi after he called him out for not supporting people from Kayole.

The rapper said that he is not a politician or does not want to vie for any sit so it is not a must for him to comment.

The OG also said that his work is to influence people and push for change but cannot force people to change.

He further went ahead and advised people to vote wisely during the next general elections and choose the correct leaders.

“OG is not Your Member of Parliament, I can only influence and push for Change but I am no politician, I hold no public office, as we head to the Elections Kindly Remember to vote wisely, I will not be there with you as you cast your vote but you will have the power to change everything, Meanwhile we will Continue being Activists condemning everything that is wrong with That said, End police Brutality and End the Curfew, Respect The OGs,” wrote Khaligraph.

The blogger said that the OG did not support the people of Kayole although he says that Kayole is the place where he grew.


He also added that the rapper does not support people from the streets and only focuses on political matters.

“MO*** of the day goes to Khaligraph Jones. Today Kayole has been burning with chaos after police arrested a 38-year old man for violating curfew. Khaligraph who derives his street cred from affiliation with Kayole, did not say a word. In essence, Khaligraph no longer represents the streets but is a promoter of vanity, consumerism and partisan politics,” wrote Cyprian Nyakundi.

Khaligraph Jones has been supporting the people the youth from the ghetto and recently he conducted a Odinare rap challenge where the winner walked away with one million shillings.