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“I Am Not Dead And So Is Naliaka”


naliaka5The just ended week had a number of to controversing issues doing round’s on social media.

Amongst the many true and  non true issues being rumor mongered by online users was the sudden death of Papa Shirandula’s Naliaka.

Apparently an anonymous  person started the bad rumor claiming that the sassy actress had died whilst giving birth to her  first child.

Worse still, despite dragging along the actress’ popular stage name into the dirt, the story which had now been published on a notable section of the media bearinh Awinja’s (Jacky Vike)  photo sending fans into a frenzy of confusion wondering who had really died between Naliaka and Awinja.

The rumor was so intense and spread widely and fast within the shortest time.

However, in a twist of events, Jacky Vicke (Awinja) and Daisy Odeko (Naliaka) are both alive and kicking.

It is through her Instagram account that the actress vehemently addressed the ongoing rumor and assuring both Naliaka and herself  that were both alive and kicking.

Check out her post on Instagram.

This morning I woke up to the news of Naliaka’s death with my picture captioned. I have been receiving endless calls from my family, concerned friends and fans who are going through emotional distress so I would like to clarify that i am alive and well, and so is Naliaka ( Daisy Odeko ). Ignore the stupid blogs. Thank you all for your concern.”