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“I am not HIV positive.”- Mr. Nice


Bongo star Lucas Mkenda popularly known as Mr. Nice has refuted claims that he is HIV positive.

The ‘kidali po‘ hit maker was speaking while on an interview with EATV and clarified that he is not positive and that the rumors do not give him sleepless nights.

”Rumour-mongers have been claiming am HIV positive since 2002.I think I should be dead by now if I was HIV positive since then, but here I am.We’ve buried people infected with Aids in numbers since 2002.” Mr. Nice said.

The singer went ahead to reveal that his fans do not bother him with the rumors because they know and understands him well.
He insisted that the rumors about his HIV status are being peddled by his enemies and competitors who do not want to see him succeed.

‘My fans do not give me headaches with the baseless rumours.They always say that they know me and cannot be misled with the false claims.My enenies are behind the HIV rumours because they’ve tried to bring me down with a number of things including marijuana and women in vain.” he added.