“I am not looking for Rich famous men” Kush Tracey

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Singer Kush Tracey  has distanced herself from a Profile that has been using her photos to look for men on the popular dating site Tinder.

The singer has maintained that she is not on the dating platform and has never at any point been on the site.

Kush Tracey also revealed  that a certain lady known as Maggie is the one impersonating her on the site.

“I AM NOT/NEVER BEEN ON TINDER, this just came to my attention(via a friend)and apparently this “maggie” person is using my pictures as her own to look for friends with benefits nkt I do not look for love/fwb or whatever online asiii.” she said

The singer also urged those on Tinder to report the said account as fake at the same time advicing those using the platform to feel comfortable enough to use their personal photos and real names.

“If you are on tinder and ever happen to meet “me” there just report it’s a FAKE account, aye HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF AND USE YOUR OWN PICTURES TO LOOK FOR WHATEVER YOU ARE LOOKING FOR MUWACHE KUTUTAFUTISHA VITU HATUTAFUTI,”  said Kush Tracey