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‘I am not safe and I don’t feel safe’ Blogger Edgar Obare says


Controversial blogger Edgar Obare has taken to social media to express concerns over his safety.

According to a series of posts on social media, Obare who is currently being held at Gigiri police station now says that he feels like his life is in danger.

“I am not safe and I don’t feel safe where I’m being held, I have struggled with getting bail but now I understand why it’s being denied. Please support #freeedgarobare.” read the post

Fellow blogger Xtian Dela also shared the same sentiments on Instagram saying that the officers wanted to transfer Obare on Friday night to a ‘Safer’ place but he refused.

“They wanted to transfer Edgar Obare to a safer place but he refused. What safer place is there than Gigiri police station? Why would they want to transfer him at night?” wrote Dela

Obare is set to be arraigned in Court on Monday on charges of ‘Disclosing personal data’.

The blogger was arrested on Thursday evening after failing to honour summons to appear at the DCI offices.