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“I am now healed” Tanasha Donna speaks about Relationship with Diamond


Kenyans songstress Tanasha Donna has addressed her current relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

Speaking in a recent interview Tanasha explained that she unfollowed Diamond on social media because she had not healed and was avoiding impulsive reaction.

Tanasha further explained she is currently in good terms with Diamond Platnumz and are working on co-parenting their son.

“You know when I left that relationship, unajua mimi niko na weakness ya kureact saa zingine, it’s one of my weakness. I felt like at the moment coz I’m on Instagram, tuko kwenye social media and that’s what is helping me earn my coins, and I felt like I woukd be spending most of my time there and if I follow all this people nitakuwa na constant reminder of what I was going through. Right now I have healed and me and the father of my son we are okay, we are in talking terms. We are not enemies, we are in communication for our son and I respect him very much and everyone that he works with but at that specific time, you know when you are going through a breakup, you are going through pain and I felt that what will help me easy the pain nikuwa-unfollow ili nisione constantly what’s happening” explained Tanasha Donna

Tanasha further added that she is glad Tanzanian actor Mwijaku who claimed paternity for her son had apologized adding that she has forgiven him.

She went on to add that both her and Diamond had filled a joint lawsuit against the actor.

“As long as umerealize umefanya Makosa na umeomba msamaha, I believe everybody deserves forgiveness kwa hivyo nitamsamehe. I’m glad that he took that initiative coz we sent him a demand letter, me and the father of my child and we were about to sue him, so we took it very serious because its very wrong to come and claim another man’s child and a woman you have never met, never spoken to in your life and you come and claim that person’s son, for kiki and stupid clout, so I felt like Justice needed to be served but vile ameomba msamaha I forgive him”. She added