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‘I am Shocked’ Nadia Mukami reacts to 19 year old socialite’s sexcapedes


Songstress Nadia Mukami has reacted to 19 year old socialite Shakillah’s list of shame.

The songstress said she is shocked such a young girl is proud to openly parade a number of guys she has bedded and even give her rate card.

Her words come days after Shakillah claimed to have slept with multiple celebrities for money and even went on to claim that she charges 250k for a sleepover.

In a series of tweets Nadia Mukami said it is high time the society starts educating young girls about the importance of hard work and hustle.

She added that the likes of Shakillah need a strong guidance and counsel.

“Am just shocked a 19-year-old is publicly happy to say that she allows men to pay her for sex and even says she has a rate card for it! All jokes aside, we need to counsel our young girls and teach them about the beauty of hustle and hard work. The beauty of independency as women! Especially now that our young sisters are at home and in the era of social media, our young girls need to be reminded that women can still work hard and achieve their dreams without having a ‘rate card’ for their bodies. Let’s guide and counsel our young ones,” said Naid Mukami.

Shakillah had claimed she banged the likes of Otile Brown, Brown Mauzo, Willy Paul, Ringtone, Victor Wanyama amongst others.