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‘I am sorry Mama’ Akothee says as she goes back to school


Controversial singer Esther Akoth a.k.a Akothee has penned a long message dedicated to her mother.

In the post, Akothee apologized to her mother Yunita for the many times she failed her (mother) while growing up.

She narrated how her mother was constantly mocked by friends because of Akothee’s early pregnancy.

She said at one point her mother got her into family planning but Akothee took it out only to end up pregnant for the third time.

“We have fought over years until we finally became friends, the worries you had about my future are now solved, you know I am a responsible girl who will never embarrasse you a second time ,that was heavy while all your mates had their daughters in different Universities , your own Akoth was someones housegirl ,giving birth like a chicken with no direction?I remember your words up until now
” Nyathinani atim made jowa, amuonyi aduoki kose,
I remember you giving me pills so I don’t give birth again ,you took me to go have norplant planted in my arms ,so I could finish school in asego kanyada, with confidence you paid school fee enrolled me in that ,school ??????,I uprotted and took out the norplant in the name of it was giving me headache ,and when Jared passed by to visit me in homabay ,boom Prudence was manufactured ???. I left the house you rented for me slowly ,I avoided you like a plague with my stupidity again” She wrote in part


She went on to reveal how her mother’s current worry now is if the men coming into her daughter’s (Akothee) life are genuine.

Akothee also revealed that she is currently back in school and will be graduating in 2021 but did not reveal what she is studying.

“Today Your only worry is that ,
Is the man coming into my life a genuine caring one ,or one who will bring me down ????
Let’s pray over it I love you my queen
Ago MOS kuom Sandi MERWA ,wena YUNITA nyar OGENDI asayi ?
It hurts when your own first born daughter looses direction ,Awuoro sleepless night.but I came out alive ?and I am back to school now ,I promise to graduate 2021 just to fulfill your dreams and make you proud in front of your mates “ Akothee added