• The artist says he needs time to focus on his well being
  • After completing a few dates of the tour, Jidenna realized it was too much for him.

Celebrated Nigerian-American rapper and singer Jidenna ,  took to social media to apologetically announce his exit from American musical recording artist, actress and model Janelle Monae’s  ”The Age of Pleasure Tour” to focus on his well-being.

In August, Jidenna announced that he had an offer he couldn’t refuse and that he would be joining Janelle on tour.

But, after completing a few dates of the tour, Jidenna realized it was too much for him.

Janelle Monae’s and Jidenna (Photo Cortesy)


In a statement released via Instagram, the Grammy-nominated artist, and actor, whose real name is Jidenna Mobinson  said,

“I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of losses this year and I am tired. My spirit is heavy. My heart is constantly beating with anxiety.”

“Under these circumstances, I’ve been unable to deliver the A1 show that I imagined for you.”

Jidenna apologized writing, “I know that I’ve let you down more than once this year with tour cancellations.”

But, the 38-year-old “Classic Man” singer said that he “cannot betray what my spirit is telling me.”

“Please forgive me as I work through my s**t,” he added.

The artist says He’s had an amazing time sharing the stage with Janelle Monae,

He says he’s been inspired with all the artists who took part in the tour.

Before the rumor mill begins churning, Jidenna explicitly stated his decision to leave the tour has nothing to do with the other artists.

“I am making this call so I can find some peace of mind.” Said Jidenna




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