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I am Working on My Dirty Brand, Singer Willy Paul Reveals

Kenyan Singer Willy Paul has opened up on rebranding his image that he says has been marred with controversy for some time now.

According to Willy  haters are working around the clock to taint his image despite his good music.

Poze says he has embarked on a serious rebranding to secure his position as top artist not only in Kenya but world wide.

“Yeah! I  have been working na team yangu towards kusafisha brand juu Kuna wasee waliichafua Kuna wasee walifanya Willy Paul akuwe misunderstood coz I believe the brand Willy Paul Iko misunderstood and so what we are doing right now is to show people that this is now what we think,” Wily Paul said.

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Some of the muddy images he is working on include viral sexual allegations and violence that has portrayed him as a “bad boy.”

“This is not who Willy Paul is Willy Paul ni huyu msee Hivi coz ukiget kumeet Willy Paul in person sit with Willy Paul talk like ata 20 minutes you will change your mind because he is a happy person, funny and he is real.”