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I Am Your In- Law Do Not Fear Me – Raila Tells Kiambu

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Raila Odinga Received Warm Welcome In Kiambu on Tuesday

NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga on Tuesday launched a cjarm offensive to the people of Kiambu in a bid to woo voters.

Raila who introduced himself as an in law of the Kiambu people asked the people of Kiambu not to be afraid of his leadership as he has their best interests at heart.

“There are rumours spread that Raila is an enemy of the Kikuyu’s…my late son Fidel was married to a woman from this region. I cannot harm my in-laws,” he said.

“After we won the 2002 elections with Kibaki, I was called ‘Mutongoria njamba’ (strong leader) by the Central Kenya people. How come now I am being referred to as ‘Kimundu kiguruki’ (mad man)?,” Raila posed

In a region highly viewed as the backyard of President Uhuru Kenyatta, promised of affordable living and development to the people of Kiambu.

Kiambu is largely regarded as Uhuru’s backyard having represented Gatundu south constituency in parliament.




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